Photo Booth Rental Questions and Answers

Can I Rent Your Photo Booth, What Areas Do You Service?

Pa Photo Booth Rentals is located in Pottsville, Zip Code 17901 in Schuylkill County PA. We provide photo booth rentals for Schuylkill County PA and surrounding areas. If you need a Photo Booth in; Pottsville, Minersville, Frackville, Schuylkill Haven Orwigsburg or surrounding communities, give us a call. We do not charge for delivery or setup for photo booth rentals in or near Schuylkill County.

What is an “Open Air Style” Photo Booth?

An “Open Air Style” photo booth has no enclosure, The photo is taken in the event environment. In most cases a background is used, This may be as simple as a venue wall or a custom “step and repeat” back drop like you see at red carpet events. Open Air Style photo booths also allow the use of Green Screen technology for the ultimate in Photo Booth fun.

What is Green Screen? Do I need it?

Green Screen or Chroma Key is a technology where an image is taken in front of a special background (usually green or blue) then that background is removed from the image and replaced with another “Virtual Background”. This technology is used everyday in television and movies as well as professional photography. You and your guests can have your photo taken in a virtual environment like an island beach, a haunted forest, Las Vegas the possibilities are endless and a whole lot of fun. Options allow the user to select from different environments and even virtual props as well. Our system actually lets you see right on the screen what the photo will look like with the virtual environment.

Green requires our “open air style” photo booth and depending on the venue, may require some external lighting.

How Many Prints do I get?

We provide unlimited photo sessions during the rental period, “the more the merrier!”
Unless otherwise arranged we will provide each person in the photo with a print.
We can also provide extra prints for a scrap book or guest book as well as copies of the images on a USB thumb drive.

Are Props Provided?

Yes! we have a wide variety of props. if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for we will make every attempt to get them. If you would like custom props there may be an additional charge to cover the cost of the props. You can also feel free to supply your own props if you wish.

Is There A Charge For Set Up /Tear Down Time?

No, set up and tear down is included in the price of your photo booth rental as long as it occurs within a reasonable time before and after the event.

Is There A Video Option?

Sure! We can set the booth up to allow for short video recordings, but you can’t “print videos” so photos are by far a more popular choice. We can provide a USB thumb drive at the end of the event with the videos.

Are the Prints High Quality?

Yes! We use high quality photography equipment to take and to process the photos. No low res web cam and ink jet prints here! We use hi res DSLR cameras and lab quality Dye Sub printers that print on high quality paper, Your photos will last for years.

What About Social Media Uploads?

We have the latest technology and software and have the ability to allow your guests to upload their photos to popular social media accounts, text message and email them. We also have the ability to print photos your guests take and post with a hashtag to Instagram. There is one catch… Social media requires a wireless internet connection for “Real Time” uploads. Your venue will have to provide this connection. If there is not a connection available, the uploads can be saved and uploaded later when we return to our officie.

How Much Space Will The Photo Booth Take?

As a general rule, a closed booth will take about 8 ft x 8 ft. minimum, the “Open Air Style” booth takes just a little bit more say 8 ft x 10 ft depending on your backdrop choice and if auxiliary lighting is needed for green screen. This includes room for the print station, attendant and props. Also we will need access to a 120V outlet in close proximity to the booth. Please keep in mind that your Photo Booth will be more fun and better utilized if it is placed in a way to give easy in and out access to your guests, don’t make the mistake of shoving it a back corner somewhere, the whole idea is to have your guests use and enjoy the photo booth.

Sit Down or Stand Up? Will The Photo Booth Accommodate Children and Disabled Guests?

Both! We want everyone to be able to participate! Our booth is electrically height adjustable with the touch of a button your guests (or our attendant) can adjust the height for that perfect shot. To The best of our knowledge, we are the only photo booth company in this area to have electricly height adjustable "on the fly" photo booth equipment.

Is There a Deposit Required?

Yes, we do require a 25% deposit to hold the booth for your date.

Is Branding Available For My Events?

You Bet! We can help with branding for your event. Many options are available from custom screen graphics and custom print templates to booth wraps, step and repeat backgrounds and web pages. And don’t forget the social media options! Photo Booths are a great way to get your message out there and create some buzz that goes on even after the event has ended.

What If I Want Something Different?

No Problem! We are all about different! Give us your ideas, we will work with you or your marketing team to create the best solution. Want to print photo stickers? Sure, we can do that. Want a projection screen or slide show monitor? No problem. Need a roaming photographer as well as a booth? Okay! Just let us know what you are thinking, we will go the extra mile to make your event memorable. If we don't have it chances are "we know a guy".

Do You Match Prices or Give Any Discounts?

People ask us this all the time. Our prices are fixed so we do not give so called “discounts”. We offer a great value for the product and level of service we give, and although there will always be someone out there who will do anything for less, do you really want to trust the success of your event to the “lowest bidder” or some fly by night Groupon deal? You only get one shot to make your event great! Now, all that being said we do have slightly lower prices for “off peak” days. Give us a call we will be happy to discuss our service offerings with you.

What if There Is Equipment Failure or Something Goes Wrong?

Well, anything can happen but we will do everything we can to make sure things go smoothly. We keep our equipment well maintained and test it before every event. We also carry backup equipment including a computer, camera, printer and other vital parts pre loaded with the event’s software and ready to go in case of a failure. But if something does go wrong and we can’t get it going again we will refund your rental fees for the portion of the event that we were unable to operate.

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